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Your Fittest Year Yet?

Your Fittest Year Yet?

The New Year gives us a fresh start.  A chance to evaluate the year behind us, take the lessons, and craft a vision for the year ahead.  In terms of our health and fitness, it is also an opportunity to begin the work of letting go of habits that no longer serve us and create new ones to move us toward the vision we have of our fittest selves; living our healthiest lives. 

But why wait until the New Year to make these changes?  Why not start now and hit the New Year at full speed?  We still have 3 weeks left of 2022.  That is PLENTY of time to make a difference in your health. 

The 5 Factors of Health

There are 5 areas worth looking at to make a plan for our healthiest year yet. Let’s take stock of where things are at in each category, define what we have control over in terms of changing it, and make a plan of attack. by breaking bad habits and creating healthy new ones.  It all starts one small step at a time, and with brutal honesty about how we sabotage ourselves.

The 5 Factors :

1. Sleep

2. Nutrition

3. Exercise

4. Relationships

5. Mindset

In the coming weeks, I will discuss each area in more detail and share some easy tips to improve.  You don’t need to implement everything at once, which is why I’m only covering one area each week.  Quality, not quantity!

Your health matters:

This is a Journey that Never Ends

Paying attention to these 5 factors of health and working on the skills I will discuss in the coming weeks will help you create a life that is happy and healthy. There is no end point.  There is always room for growth in these areas. Even when you have made major improvements or changes, there is still the work of maintaining them.

Being a healthier human requires you to learn to “love the process” of growth, change, learning.

I challenge you to commit yourself to the journey. Small steps and efforts on the daily lead to big changes. Just don’t give up! 


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