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The Art of Living

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, because an artful life requires being prepared to meet and withstand sudden and unexpected attacks” – Marcus Aurelius

Boy, if that doesn’t sum up 2020, I don’t know what does.  This year has been challenging; full of plot twists and turns at every corner.  Yet, we persevere and overcome them with grace and an indomitable spirit. 

Dancing requires skill and graceful movement.  You have to be limber and able to go with the flow of music.  Wrestling is a battle.  You against your opponent.  You against your limitations.  Both require training and skill, but the dancer is rarely in danger of being choked out by their rival. 

There is a balance in life.  Some days we’re the dancer and going with the flow, other days we’re the wrestler in a fight for our life.  If we prepare for battle, we’re always ready for the unexpected.  If we train to go with the flow, we’re always reacting.   

CrossFit’s mantra is to “prepare for the unknown and unknowable.”  It’s part of why our workouts are constantly varied.  We must be prepared for whatever life throws at us.  Ready to evolve and adapt, and attack.

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at a two-day summit for gym owners.  PCF was actually one of a few select gyms chosen as a regional host.  We heard from speakers such as Seth Godin and Chris Voss.  Risha Grant and Cameron Herold also spoke.  After each speaker, we had break out sessions with our table or location.  It was an absolutely amazing weekend spent with the brightest minds and leaders of our industry; gyms that are at the forefront of our industry.  We had hard discussions about vulnerabilities and equality.  We had amazing discussions about changing people’s lives every day and the challenges presented along the way. 

We are leading the way.  We do it because it’s hard.  We do it because you deserve it.  Our mission is to enhance 20,000 lives in our community through fitness and health, and we don’t take that lightly.  Whatever life throws at us, we’re ready.  And so are you.

Thank you for allowing me to take this journey with you.        


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