Strong over 40?

Can you be strong over 40? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And it’s true that we’ll all experience …

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The 5 Factors of Health: SLEEP

The 5 Factors of Health: SLEEP GOAL: Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night Arguably the most important influencer on our health is …

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Your Fittest Year Yet?

Your Fittest Year Yet? The New Year gives us a fresh start.  A chance to evaluate the year behind us, take the lessons, and craft …

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February News

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Upcoming Events

Hey PCF Family!! We are going to be having SO much fun coming up over the next few months, and I wanted to give you …

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Sugar is Killing Us

Sugar is killing us.  It is hidden in many of the “healthy” foods we eat, and it is wreaking havoc on our bodies even though …

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Why Are we Becoming Less Happy?

Why are we becoming less happy? We live in a world that is so fast-paced that our human brains don’t know what to make of …

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Orange Dreamsicle Shake

476 Calories 5 Fat 66 Carbs 6 Fiber 15 Sugars 42 Protein Ingredients Instructions

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The Art of Living

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, because an artful life requires being prepared to meet and withstand sudden and unexpected attacks” …

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First!

When we talk with people interested in starting an exercise program, they often have reasons why they can’t start, never started, or lacked consistency with …

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