Week 3 Day 6

Priority Crossfit – Barbell Club


2 times through

Spiderman stretch x5 per side

Supine knee hugs x6 per leg

Fire hydrants x6 per leg

Banded psoas march x8 per side


2 times through

Crab bridge x8

Bird dog x5 per side

Forearm/Wrist movements

Back Squat (1×8 1×8 1×6 1×6)

Front Squat (5×2 )

Light, no heavier than 75%

Tempo clean pull to power position + Clean pull (3×2+1 @ 88%)

Position > load! 3 second pull to just above mid-thigh position with shoulders over the bar. The barbell should be swept back and in contact with the thighs. Do your best to recreate the same positions on the pull.

Clean from blocks(mid-thigh) (6×3)

Power cleans from blocks at above knee to mid-thigh


3 sets of the following:

Hanging knee raises x12

Hollow hold x30sec

Hip Extensions: 3×10

Double KB OH hold 30 sec

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