1 June ’18

Priority Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

5 min aerobic work @ low effort,


8 Sumo Stance Inchworms

8 Half Kneeling Landmine Press @ 31X2 (per side)

8 Single Leg KB RDL (per side)

30 Second DB Side Plank (per side)

200m Jog


Power Clean (5-5-5-5)

No Touch/Go reps – reset each rep, but do not take longer than a couple seconds

Build to a heavy 5 rep over 4 working sets

Rest 2 min between sets


Metcon (Time)

8 Rounds

10 Cal Row

8 Deadlifts 225/155 Teens: 155/115

Rest 1 minute
subtract rest from total time


Cool down – 5 min slow spin on bike/rower/or walk


accumulate 2 min of each:

Prayer stretch

Recline twist pose

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