18 Apr ‘18 Comp

Priority Crossfit – Competition


Warm-up (No Measure)

Use daily CrossFit warmup


3 Rounds

4 wall walks

Rest 20 sec

8 toes to rings

Rest 20 sec

6 side to side on pull-up rig (per side)

Rest 1 min

Wall Walk (4-4-4)

Toes to Rings (8-8-8)

Side to Side on Pullup Bar (6-6-6)


4 rounds

40m Zercher Carry

Rest 20 sec

40m bear crawl sled drag @ body weight

Rest 2 min

Zercher Carry (40-40-40-40)

Bear crawl sled drag (40-40-40-40)


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds

25ft walking sandbag front rack lunge 80/60

10 burpee pull-up
Pull ups are strict

Bar should be 6” above reach

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