6 Apr ’18

Priority Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

5 min aerobic work at low effort


6 Half Kneeling KB Clean & Press (per side)

10 Banded Good Mornings

12 Tall Kneeling Banded Face Pulls

8 Single Arm KB Swings (per side)

Push Press (5×6)

build to a heavy set of 6 across 5 sets

rest as needed between sets

rest 2 min after last set, then complete max effort sets


Push Press (max effort)

2 max effort sets at 85% of your heaviest set of 6

Continuously move bar – DO NOT rest in the front rack position. If you need to rest, that set is done.

rest 2 min between attempts


Metcon (Time)

Every 5 minutes for 20 min, complete:

20/15 Calorie Row

10 Box Jump Overs 30/24

15 Over the Shoulder Sandbag Throws 60/40

20 Push-Ups
Push the pace each round and score fastest round


Accumulate 2 minutes of each:

Supine twist pose

Twisted cross

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