24 Oct

Priority Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

5 min aerobic work at low effort

– work on breathing through nose only


2 sets

5 bird dogs (per side)

5 scapula pullups

5 90/90 breath cycles


Front Squat (8-8-8)

3 x 8 @ 70% of 8RM

if you didn’t find your 8RM last week, find it today

**remember, we only score 1 set of lifts, not all of them


Metcon (Time)

Cash in:

20 Deadlifts 295/205 Teens: 205/145


3 Rounds

5 bar muscle ups

5 deficit HSPU 4″/3″ teens: 3″/2″

Cash out:

20 OH Lunge 135/95 teens: 95/65
score includes cash in/out work

OH lunges are stationary – work to keep torso vertical and not leaning forward – think about doing split squats


Accumulate 2 min of each

pigeon pose

twisted cross

single leg saddle pose

half front split

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