Proper nutrition is key to your health. Our program provides an easy, science-based approach to nutrition. Using simple behavior modification strategies, we create positive change without dieting. This is not a fad diet that will fail after a few weeks. This is a lifestyle change that is designed for you to succeed with!

Why Us?

Our program has a proven record of success. Every meal plan is written by Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N. She is a Registered Dietician, and specializes in Sports Performance. Whether you are looking to lose a couple pounds, boost your training, or just clean up bad habits, we have the right plan and experience for you!

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Starter Package

Nutrition 101
This is a general outline of what to eat and when for best results. It provides a general understanding of how the various macro and micro nutrients help to achieve your goals.

60 min initial consultation
Printed information packet
1 week of sample meal plans 
Starter Package
$75 Get Started

Custom 4 Week Package

Designed for a more targeted goal such as weight loss, weight gain, or improved performance. This package provides a customized nutrition plan based on body composition analysis. Pre and post consultations are included to assess goals and plan for future success.

60 min initial consultation
Printed information packet
Four weeks of sample meal plans and grocery list
Individualized nutrition plan
Goal setting
Body Measurement evaluation and body fat calculation
Individualized feedback
30 min follow-up consultation at end of program including re-measurements 
4 week package
$195 Get Started

Deluxe 6 Week Package 

This package is designed for individuals that want a little more accountability provided. It includes everything from the 4 week package, but offers weekly consultations to review progress as well.

Everything from our 4 week package

Food log review and professional feedback during the 6 weeks
Weekly 15 minute one on one consultation
Half-way point measurements 
6 week package
$350 Get Started

Monthly On-Going Coaching

This package is designed to be a long term accountability program. Each month includes a 30 minute one on one consultation to review progress goals.
monthly on-going

Per Month

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