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Adam Parton

Level 1 Certified

Weight Lifting Certified 

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Certified CrossFit Judge

After I discovered CrossFit, I knew I had found my ultimate fitness regime.  There isn't a day that goes by that I would regret ever trying CrossFit.   I was like many guys out there thinking I was already fit, until I was introduced to "CINDY", and then "FRAN".   These are two benchmark workouts that will leave your mind racing, or at least they did mine.  When I tried Cindy for the first time I thought how pathetic was that performance, so I tried it again the next week (you know I had to let the soreness wear off and all) and got the same damn score.  "No way, nope, not possible" I said.  So I did it again a week later and improved by two rounds, happier yes, but still not impressed with myself.  So I waited and followed main site for a few  months and tried it again on my birthday, finally getting a score to what I felt acceptable by my standards.  It is a never ending battle with me and any WOD I see posted that I want to try it.  I have sat on a rower for 1:46:00 mins, I have even done a WOD in 2:55 and that's it for the day,   I have done 2:00:00 WODs before, I have ran 5K's, competitions and many WODS in between.  They all work.  They all are effective.  I keep improving year after year after year.  I can't explain it other then to show you it.  That is why me, my wife and three kids pursued our dream of opening our affiliate, Priority CrossFit (est.2012) in Altoona, my town where I grew up in. 

There are a lot of people in this world that say they need to "go work out"....are you one of them?  If you are, then join us at PCF.  We will train you in every aspect you need to CrossFit.  It has become a passion for us and we want to spread it.  My first day of business I started with 13 lonely soles, and they are all still with me except for the 4 who have moved away.   To me that speaks volumes for what we are teaching.  I am 36, and clearly in the best shape of my life.  I have never been stronger or faster and I can guarantee you that.  I continue to watch videos, and read on CrossFit  daily to help stay on the curve of training you in all aspects of the sport.   Some people catch on quicker then others, but I promise you, everyone can CrossFit.....just ask my mom and dad who are 63yrs young, my son who is 6, or the majority of my members 35-45yrs old.  you just need a little patients when starting, that's all we ask.   Bench, Bi's and Tri days are over for this guy... haven't followed that routine for ever and don't plan on going back.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because I don't know what it will be and that makes me nervous!

Mandy Parton

CrossFit Kids Certified

CrossFit Mobility Certified

Level 1 Certified 

2014, 2015, 2016 Certified CrossFit Judge



Kyle S.
CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Scaling Course

'15, '16, '17 CrossFit Judge's Course

USAW Level 1 Weightlifting and Sports Performance

Holly Wengert
Level 1 Certified

2015/2016 Certified CrossFit Judge

I was introduced to Priority Crossfit in November 2012 and haven’t looked back. Prior to finding Crossfit I ran the gambit on fitness programs and workouts. With most of them I found some level of success but had never found one that helped me to realize what I was truly capable of while constantly encouraging me to reach past perceived limits to things I never thought I would be able to do. I have an undergraduate degree in K-12 PE and coached gymnastics for 20+ years. All those years in the gym, I sent hundreds of kids up ropes and taught them to do pull-ups and many of the gymnastics elements practiced in Crossfit but could never do any of that myself.   Crossfit changed that! As a Master’s athlete, I am in the best shape I have ever been. There are still things that I struggle with and need to improve but I now see that those things might actually be possible.  I have also taught group fitness classes that developed my cardio and certainly toned my muscles but provided little in the way of functional strength. Again, Crossfit has changed that for me.  The other avenue that Crossfit has opened back up for me is competition. I truly believe that everyone has some competitiveness by nature. In the box, you get to compete against yourself and whether you realize it or not the other members. The best part is that it is good natured competition and the person that finishes first is generally the loudest cheerleader for those finishing last. Outside of the Priority box there have been opportunities for me to get back into the competitive arena that have pushed me even further. Putting myself out there was scary at first but I soon realized that the support from my competitors was the same as the support I would get in a workout at Priority.  I LOVE this about the Crossfit community.

I am inspired daily by the coaches and members at Priority so I consider it a huge privilege to be allowed to be a member of the coaching team. Helping people to see their potential and achieve goals, big and small, fuels me.  I look forward to knowing each member and helping them in some way to see what their true potential might be! 

Matthew Adams
Level 1 Certified

Crossfit Gymnastics

2015/2016 Certified CrossFit Judge


Jason Nuckolls
Level 1 Certified

Jeff Neubauer 

CrossFit Level 1























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