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Thank you for choosing Priority CrossFit as the community that will change your outlook on life and fitness.  We have been in business for over two and a half years and have trained many athletes at many levels including competitors at the highest stage of CrossFit, the CrossFit Games in back to back seasons.  Our coaches are not just trained in CrossFit, they are also certified Olympic Lifting and Mobility trainers as well as judges too!

At Priority CrossFit you will accomplish your fitness goals by using the following methodology, constantly varied high intensity functional movements. What this means is simple; you will execute everyday movements, as fast as you can, in as many different combinations we can throw at you.

You will soon discover that Priority CrossFits workout of the day, or WOD's, as they are most commonly referred to as, will keep you guessing with anticipation of what tomorrow's WOD will bring. It's a lot like Christmas in the fact that you don't know what it will be until you show up to the gym. This type of anticipation is what brings most crossfitters back each and everyday. It's a constant battle for one to schedule him or herself a days rest because most cannot resist the temptation to do the WOD to find out their time and rank amongst, not just our gym, but the entire CrossFit community around the world.

We focus on 10 General physical skills, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. These combined have proven to show the best fitness results in individuals. Majority of our workouts can and are performed in less than 20 minutes by most of our members. The reason is simple. We will scale the WOD to the individuals needs to maintain a high intensity. Read more here.

We are not a cardio gym, we are not a globo gym, we're definitely not the "Y". We work all aspects of your body thru varying Olympic weightlifting, cardiovascular endurance, and gymnastics. You say to yourself now, "I can't do Olympic lifts or gymnastics", but you can and you just don't know it. Have you ever picked something off the floor and put it onto a shelf, yes, then congratulations you just cleaned and jerk, an Olympic movement. Our gymnastic movements are simple body weight movements, pushups pullups, air squats,dips, situps, etc etc... Not so scared now are you.

It won't take you long to understand the importance of fitness once you start coming. The CrossFit community is very supporting of your goals. We cheer everyone on, it builds camaraderie and friendship, it even promotes competition, which is the very sole of coach Glassman's view. Competition ignites a furry of work ethic in everyone, and it always shows positive results. You may not have beat the individual your were working out against, you may not have even told them you were trying to beat their time today, but when the clock hits 3,2,1, go and you start your workout, you automatically want to beat that person. In turn, you may have set your own PR ( personal record) for that workout or lift. It's FUN, it's endless variance, and constant challenge everyday is what gets your mind and body into this mode of "I can't just sit here anymore". You will find yourself searching hours of videos and reading numerous articles about CrossFit, and that's just fine.






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