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Thank you for choosing Priority CrossFit as the community that will change your outlook on life and fitness. We have been in business since 2012 and have trained athletes at many levels including competitors at the highest stage of CrossFit, the CrossFit Games, in back to back seasons.  Our coaches are not just trained in CrossFit, they are also certified Olympic Lifting and Mobility trainers, as well as judges too!  

At Priority CrossFit you will accomplish your fitness goals by using the CrossFit methodology; constantly varied high intensity functional movements. What this means is simple.  You will execute everyday movements, as fast as you can, in as many different combinations we can throw at you.  However, speed is not everything.  We emphasize form and function over speed.  Being able to move quickly is important, but moving safely is key to longevity.  

You will soon discover that Priority CrossFit’s workout of the day, or WODs as they are most commonly referred to as, will keep you guessing with anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. This is what brings most CrossFitters back each and every day. It's a constant battle for one to schedule him or herself a days rest because most cannot resist the temptation to do the WOD to find out their time and rank amongst, not just our gym, but the entire CrossFit community around the world.

We focus on 10 General physical skills: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. These combined have proven to show the best fitness results in individuals. The majority of our workouts are performed in less than 20 minutes by our members.  We scale the WOD to the individual’s ability level to maintain the intended stimulus of the workout.   

We are not a cardio gym nor a globo gym. We work all aspects of your body thru varying Olympic weightlifting, cardiovascular endurance, and gymnastics.  You say to yourself now, "I can't do Olympic lifts or gymnastics".  But you can and you just don't know it. Have you ever picked something off the floor and put it onto a shelf?  Yes?  Congratulations!  You just performed a clean and jerk, an Olympic movement. Our gymnastic movements are simple body weight movements, pushups pullups, air squats, dips, sit-ups, etc, etc... Not so scared now are you?

It won't take long to understand the importance of fitness once you start coming. The CrossFit community is very supporting of your goals. We cheer everyone on, it builds camaraderie and friendship, and even promotes competition.  Competition ignites a furry of work ethic in everyone, and it always shows positive results.  When the clock hits 3,2,1, go!  You start your workout and you automatically want to beat the person you were yesterday.  In turn, you may set your own PR ( personal record) for that workout or lift.
What’s Your Priority?


Kyle Stepp
Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit L1/CrossFit L2

I began CrossFit in 2012 during a deployment to  Afghanistan. The constant variation appealed to me rather than the running and body weight exercises I was accustomed to. It has helped me stay in better overall physical shape than anything I have done in the past.

When I returned home, I began looking for a box to continue my training and discovered Priority CrossFit.

In 2014 I received my L1 Certificate and began coaching. Helping people achieve their goals is a passion of mine. Time and time again I witness athletes surpass their expectations and achieve things they once thought impossible.
In 2017 I completed my L2 Certification as well as a USAW L1 cert.

Matt “Predicament” Adams
CrossFit Coach/Nutrition Coach 
CrossFit L1
CrossFit Gymnastics

I started CrossFit in April of 2012 in St. Cloud, MN at Granite City CrossFit, home of the Granite Games. Once I walked in, saw the movements, and heard the loud music, I knew I was home. Even with 10 years in the military, I had never really done much for physical activity, outside of military physical training, but I was determined to give-it-a-go.

For 6 years, I was a Healthcare Specialist(Combat Medic), so learning about the human body and how it functions became very fascinating to me. I moved to Altoona in late 2012, shortly after Priority CrossFit opened, and was welcomed with open arms. I then received the L1 trainer certification and started coaching in October 2015. Along with the Level 1, I have also completed CrossFit’s Gymnastics course and continue to learn new things every day to help our community. I love what we do here and take comfort in the fact that CrossFit can be tailored to anyone’s abilities.

Jeff NeubaueR
CrossFit Coach
CrossFit L1

My journey to get fit started back in 2010 when my wife and I figured we would give the workout program P-90X a try. We both found some good results in that venture and started to do the traditional gym at our work places. I have done a wide variety of workout routines over the years and one day as I was searching for a new routine I came across something called CrossFit. After watching mainly YouTube videos on what this new exercise craze was I started doing some of the workouts at my work’s gym. I would do workouts like Cindy and Annie (singles with jump rope) to see how they felt and they were challenging at first. The idea of doing a workout once and going back later to redo it to see if you can improve was one thing that I liked.

After doing these workouts outside of a CrossFit box, decided it was time to take the leap. I signed up for an on-ramp with my wife at Priority CrossFit on 04/2014. The first day and week I was nervous as I had no idea what to expect. That feeling went away pretty quick as I got to know the community of people there. I found that I was wanting to go for the workouts and also for the community. This was something I could not get from the gym I was going to. Everyone there wants you to succeed in the workouts and no one cares if you are done 1st or the last one still working out.

I decided in 2015 that I would go for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification. I like to help people and want everyone that comes in to have fun when they workout. I strongly believe that you can break a sweat, get a great workout and have fun while doing it. 

Jason "Nucks" Nuckolls
CrossFit Coach
CrossFit L1

I was born and raised in central Iowa. I played various sports growing up like baseball, football, and BMX. I love to camp and hike with my wife Desiree and three boys Jason, Brody, and Vince. I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years. I started right after Priority CrossFit moved locations. I found myself really loving CrossFit for the simple aspect that you are training for the unknown and unknowable. I wanted to become a coach because I have seen the way that CrossFit not only changes people's lives but also brings the community together as a family. I wanted to help make a difference in people's lives. Priority CrossFit is such a huge part in not only my life, but my family's life.

Kairee Mullen
Nutrition Coach/Crossfit Coach

I have been doing CrossFit for 4 1/2 years. Throughout high school I played soccer and competitively after that. I did the triathlons for 2 years. Then I found CrossFit. Once I found CrossFit I was sold. I love that CrossFit's prepares you for any physical test that life throws at you. This is one thing I know all too well because in August of 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. At this point I had the choice to quit, but I chose to fight harder and not let it define me. I see this fight in our gym every day, the training results that I have seen athletes in our gym achieve through CrossFit is the primary reason I'm so passionate about it. It's amazing to watch what people can accomplish through hard work, self-discipline, and the support of a positive community. “Our needs differ by degree, not by kind”.

Melissa Van Kooten
Crossfit Coach


I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years. I have always enjoyed exercise, but needed something varied enough to keep my interest and not burn out on repetitive motions. With the CrossFit philosophy of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” and easily modified movements, I have been able to continue to use CrossFit as a way to stay fit and healthy.

I have a long history of working with people and their health with the 17 years I have been in massage therapy. In my practice, I enjoyed working with people who had specific issues/concerns, and have spent a lot of time working with athletes including triathletes, bodybuilders, and the recreational athlete. I am now back in school for my bachelors in Kinesiology and Health. This focus has built on my knowledge about how the human body works and how to help athletes work at their best. My future plans are for a career in health care, and to continue to help people maintain their health through exercise with CrossFit.

Along with my massage therapy license, I have my CNA and CPR certification.   

Holly Johnson Wengert
Crossfit Coach


I was introduced to Priority Crossfit in November 2012 and haven’t looked back. Prior to finding Crossfit I ran the gambit on fitness programs and workouts. With most of them I found some level of success but had never found one that helped me to realize what I was truly capable of, constantly encouraged me to reach past perceived limits, or showed me that things I never thought I would be able to do were very possible.

I have an undergraduate degree in K-12 PE and coached competitive and recreational gymnastics for 20+ years. All those years in the gym, I sent hundreds of kids up ropes and taught them to do pull-ups, and so many of the gymnastics elements practiced in CrossFit but I could never do any of that myself.   Crossfit changed that! As a Master’s athlete, I am in the best shape I have ever been. There are still things that I struggle with and need to improve but I now see that those things might actually be possible.  I have also taught group fitness classes that developed my cardio and certainly toned my muscles but provided little in the way of functional strength. Again, Crossfit has changed that for me. 

I am inspired daily by the coaches and members at Priority so I consider it a huge privilege to be allowed to be a member of the coaching team. I am also super excited about introducing CrossFit to the kids in our CrossFit Kids classes. I have always been passionate about helping kids find a way to be active for their lifetime and CrossFit is the perfect place for that. Helping people to see their potential and achieve goals, big and small, fuels me.  I look forward to knowing each member and helping them in some way to see what their true potential might be!


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